Native Groundcovers

Native Groundcovers

Native groundcover is the best thing which you should embed into your natural garden to enhance its landscaping value. Good groundcover plants can pave a thick carpet for the bare area in your garden and have the ability to discourage the growth of weeds as well. Nearly all the gaps in your yard can be filled with some special types of groundcover plants.

Actually, many common native plants can be used as a candidate of groundcover choice for your garden as long as they are planted near enough to entirely cover the ground. Even some short trees can be used as groundcover plants as well. Some good examples of native groundcover choice include Hardenbergia, Dicondra repens and Grevillea fasciculate. They are a good choice for filling any gaps or forming a wonder carpet of foliage on the ground. For some special type of soil such acidic soil, some heather plants can be chosen to cover the ground. They can tolerate the acid soil well once their roots are well established. The dense foliage of these plants will suppress the growth of weeds or other harmful plants, making a good landscaping choice for your garden. Also, the beautiful blossom it produces will bring some extra beauty for your backyard.

Although groundcover plants have a number of advantages, you should regularly inspect the growth of them to ensure they do not affect the growth of other plants. The characters of some groundcover plants can be considered as invasive and they will compete for resources with other plants. If you plants native plants in your garden instead some foreign plants, things would be better. You should spend some time on the pruning work to for better appearance and health.

Image provided By KENPEI (KENPEI’s photo) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-SA-2.1-jp (], via Wikimedia Commons

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