Native British Shrubs

Native British Shrubs

There are native plants in each area in the world including the United Kingdom. There are some native British shrubs originated from European countries have been cultivated by gardeners all around the world for a hundreds of years. They can tolerate the typical British wet and cold weathers well and some of them can produce attractive blossoms and delicious fruits. They can be a good candidate to decorate your garden if your home is located in the same climate as the above one.

Common buckthorn is a popular garden shrub which is commonly cultivated in England and other European countries. Most of them can grow up to 20 feet in height with large crown spreading on the top of the stem. They prefer moist environment to grow which is a good choice for damp conditions. Some pruning work is necessary during the growth for health and landscaping purposes. They have green foliage and attractive blossoms in spring. In autumn, they will produce small red and purple fruits which can feed a number of wild animals.

The spindleberry shrub is another common bush plants which can be easily found in England. It is a fast-growing shrub which can reach 15 feet in height once fully grown. It is a deciduous shrub and they are famous for the color of their leaves before falling in autumn. Also, they can produce small red berry fruits in autumn as well. They are generally cultivated as the landscaping shrubs instead of a fruiting shrub. They do not need full sunlight during the growth and they can survive in shade areas which is similar to their native habitats.

Image provided by Trish Steel [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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