Myoporum Ground Cover

Myoporum Ground Cover

Even if you have a detailed plan for the choice of the garden plants in your backyard, it is still possible that the plants growing in some sections will interfere with plants growing in other sections, resulting in horrible and ugly landscape. In this case, you can think of using some ground cover plants like myoporum to fill the gaps of different sections and make a balanced view for your garden. If planned carefully, these evergreen myoporum plants can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your home.

Myoporum plants need adequate sunlight to survive, ideally more than six hours of full sunlight for each day. Occasionally trimming and pruning is also helpful for the tree to get more sunlight. Remember that they cannot grow well in shade area even it is a partial shading area. Some organic matters can be added into the soil to provide extra nutrients for your plants. You should apply adequate nutrients based on the size of your myoporum plants and the soil draining ability.

Once you get the myoporum cutting from another plant, you should plant them about 5 inches deep into the soil to facilitate the establishment of their root system. At the first couple of weeks, you should water your plants thoroughly to ensure the soil is always moist. You should also avoid over-watering them otherwise their roots will rot. Adequate water will help the plant to establish their root quickly and firmly.

Once established, myoporum plants will grow quickly in an aggressive way. You should leave enough space between each individual plant to avoid the over-crowded status. This type of planting is suitable for some large bare places which can receive enough sunlight during the day. Myoporum parvifolium plants do not like foot traffic, and you should protect them from that. If you think they are spreading too quickly, you need to do some pruning work regular for better control.

Image provided By Melburnian (Own work (digital photograph by author)) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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