Moyogi Bonsai

Moyogi Bonsai

Moyogi is a bonsai style which is different from the classic upright style. The branches will normally have a number of curves from one side to another while maintaining the balance of the total weight. From the aesthetic point of view, the tree is less symmetric than other bonsai species such as chokkan bonsai. However, they maintain a natural state of the evergreen trees existing in the wild, and the growth of moyogi will expand in both the horizontal and vertical directions, making it grow more naturally.

Before creating a moyogi bonsai tree, you should choose the correct plant first. The option can be either deciduous trees or evergreen trees, and there is no much difference between them. The common shape of a bonsai tree is a triangle shape which means most of the weight and branches are in the lower half of the tree. Some trees have a natural shape similar to this shape and they are good options for creating bonsai trees. You need to choose a suitable planter to create your desired shape. Different materials can be chosen for planters such as glasses, porcelain or stone ones. For better result, some special bonsai soil should be used to plant your trees. You can choose the correct type of soil based on your bonsai species.

When doing the training on your bonsai trees for curved shapes, you can use wires to fix branches to attain your desired results. Although moyogi train is an easy job, it may take a long time to achieve what you want. So, just relax and be patient.

Image provided By Jennifer (Flickr: Fukien Tea) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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