Money Tree Tips

Money Tree Tips

Native to South American countries, the money tree is a common household plant used for interior decoration and best wishes. In some cultures, the money trees have the meaning of fortune and prosperity for people. They prefer warm climates which make it only available for growing in indoor plants for cold zones. Most of them can grow more than 10 feet in height with a similar spread. It can resist most pests and diseases and they can produce small-sized nuts in harvesting times.

Money trees prefer well-drained soil conditions and areas with partial shade. They can also tolerate full shade areas provided the nutrition and water supply are abundant. You can purchase some special potting soil designed for indoor plants from the local nurseries. The container should fit the root of the plant and they need to be changed to bigger ones during the growth of the plants for every two or three years.

Money trees like to live in damp environment, but over watering should be strictly avoided and the ideal interval for watering should be at least one week. You can also spray some water to the surface of the leaves to keep them moist. You can also put your trees beside shower where the moisture is relatively high. The fertilizer applied to them should be soluble in water and you should always follow the guidelines marked on the bag cover. Do not apply any fertilizer to them in winter as they are in their dormant period.

Image provided By Emőke Dénes (Kew Gardens) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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