Miniature Evergreen Tree

Miniature Evergreen Tree

As a common option for garden landscaping purposes, evergreen trees can be cultivated in various locations. They can provide great views to your garden especially in winter when all deciduous trees entered their dormant period. If you just have a limited space for your plants, some miniature trees can be a good option. They are also suitable for various containers which can be portable in your backyard. Most of them can tolerate location with full sunlight or partial shade environment. They also have different needs for water, fertilizer and temperature.

Dwarf blue subalpine fir is a popular miniature tree which will be less than 8 feet in height when fully grown. They have a natural pyramid shape formed by dense green foliage. As a member of the conifer families, their foliage contains green needle-like leaves. Unlike most evergreen trees, the growing rate of them are very slowly and they usually need very little maintenance during the growth provided adequate water can be supplied. Although they do not bloom during the whole year, they are still good candidates for container uses.

Feelin Blue Deodar Cedar is another slow-growing miniature evergreen trees which are planted in hundreds of gardens and parks. Most of them will not exceed 3 feet in height and their leaves are also formed by green needle-like leaflets. Because they can resist the salty and moist coastal climates, they are usually planted in these areas for erosion control purposes. They do not bloom at all and do not need too much maintenance either. If you have a small garden and look for some tiny evergreen trees, Feelin Blue Deodar Cedar can be a good choice.

Image provided by Lokal_Profil [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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