Mediterranean Fruit Trees

Mediterranean Fruit Trees

There are a variety of fruit trees in Mediterranean areas such as grapes, mandarin and olives. The mandarin is one of the main fruit crops produced in this area. Native to eastern Asian countries, this type of fruits are introduced to Europe hundreds of year ago. This plant can tolerate desert environment and it is adaptive to most Mediterranean climates. Compared with other fruits, the mandarin trees can also resist cold climates but it is prone to be damaged during frost days. Over water should be avoided during irrigation because that will cause some diseases.

Olive trees are another important commercial tree types across Mediterranean countries. More than 90% of the olive of world production is coming from this area. Most of these fruits are produced for the oil and a small percent of fruits are used for dishes. The olive trees are pretty adaptive to the surrounding environments. It prefers to grow in a mild environment with warm summer and cold winter. It should not be planted in a place with a temperature below -10 degrees. Olive trees can resist desert environment well and they can be planted in hillside areas as well. Apart from that, they can also tolerate saline or alkaline soils.

The pomegranate is another main Mediterranean commercial fruit product. It can be seen as a berry-like fruit in shape and have a variety of colors such as red and brown. There are many seeds contained in locules. The hard state of the seeds determines the taste, and the soft seeded pomegranate is usually preferred due to its good taste. Once planted, there is little maintenance required such as pruning. The only time to do some pruning work is to trim a beautiful canopy for the tree. Usually, this fruit is completely edible or produce some juice as well.

Image Provided By Petr Pakandl (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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