Maple Tree Bark Diseases

Maple Tree Bark Diseases

Many maple tree bark diseases will seriously affect the health of you maple trees if they are left unattended. You should do some treatment as early as possible once the diseases are observed on the tree bark. Here are some examples of the common diseases which can be easily observed on the maple trees.

Fungi are one of the major reasons which can cause canker on the tree bark. There are a variety of canker issues which may happen on maple barks. If the bark is infected by bleeding canker, it looks like to be wet all the time and some part of the tree bark will drop off from time to time. Basal canker is another common problem which will cause the tree barks to rot quickly. It will infect the internal wood and make them rot as well. Valsa canker is another type of bark disease which will infect small branches and twigs. It will cause some grey dots on the branches and will weaken the health of the trees severely.

Apart from the fungi infection, there are some environmental reasons which will affect the maple tree bark and make people think that it is a tree disease. For example, sunscald mostly happens on junior trees and occasionally affects older trees as well. It often causes the branches to change its color. Also, if the tree was attacked by the frost, it will have some cracks on the branches or trunks. It will confuse gardeners to make them think that the trees are infected by some diseases.

Image Provided By Common-Pics (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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