Make Mulch Beds

Make Mulch Beds

Mulching is an efficient way to provide nutrients to plants and discourage weeds. If you can make mulch beds for your plants, they can effectively help preserve the moisture and save you a lot of efforts to water them. Applying a mulch bed is very necessary when you find that the soil is turning dry and hard. Some simple steps can help you build perfect mulch beds.

The first thing you need to do is to determine where should be applied a much bed. Generally larger mulch beds are recommended by professionals than small ones. If an area looks like to be dry and compact, it is the place where the mulch should be put on. Then you can mark some edges for the bed by put some covering materials on it to kill the plants there, so that the edge will be marked naturally.

The second step for build much beds is to water your chosen area thoroughly. You should enable the water to pass through a layer of more than 6 inches underground. Then a layer of about 4 or 5 inches of organic substance should be applied on top of the moist soil. Some instances of these organic materials includes shredded leaves, grass clippings, pine needle etc. They should be the waste organic substances which can be easily collected in your garden.

Although you can plant on your newly built mulch instantly, it is recommended to wait until the organic matters have provided some nutrients to the soil. You should check your mulch beds frequently to ensure that they have no negative influence on your plants. During the building of the mulch bed, you should frequently water them to keep it moist. More mulch should be added from time to time to form the mulch layers. The breakdown of the mulching material will provide more nutrition for the soil and change the soil structure as well.

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