Make Miniature Trees

Make Miniature Trees

Miniature trees are artificial bonsai trees which have the same appearance as the bonsai trees while need not maintenance once finished. They can save you a lot of time for pruning, watering and fertilizing while enjoying the beauty of the tree. It is a good idea to make such a tree by your own because some of them are very expensive. You can also create an ornamental miniature plant based on your own preference and have a lot of fun from the process of making.

The first step is to purchase a good looking container from the market. Most of them are shallow containers made from ceramic. The quality of the container will affect the overall appearance of your final work. Then you should look a piece of wood used as the main trunk of your tree. Go to the park and pick up some good quality twigs or purchase one from the market. Some commercial products already have been carved or trained into a natural curve, and it can save you some time to do this job by your own. The key point is to enable it to have branches on the top of the trees for holding foliage. You also need to get some decorative stones from the fields or buy some from the local stores if you do not have to do this job. The stones and rocks should be put into the container to add attractiveness for the tree.

Then it is time to prepare some foliage and flowers for you tree. Since bonsai trees can be any type of trees growing in the wild, you have a lot of options to do this job. Using strong glue to stick all parts into the top branches of the tree, and some bonsai wires can also be applied to secure all these parts on the branches tightly. When the glue is dried, you can remove these wires and leave a good looking artificial bonsai tree in the container.

Image provided By Tangopaso (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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