Low Light Indoor Plants

Low Light Indoor Plants

The light in an indoor environment is not as bright as the outside. So, some plants which can suit the low beam environment can be a great thing to proving extra green colors to your family especially in cold winter days. Some plant varieties such as ferns and Bromeliads can tolerate dark conditions well and they can be put on the corners or bookshelves to bring colors to your room. They usually need very little maintenance once grown up and you also have a lot of choices in your local nurseries.

The fern family is one of the most popular household plant families and nearly each member in this family can survive in low light environments without an issue. They are featured with their special green leaves which are composed of multiple small leaflets. Their foliage usually has a feathery appearance and they can tolerate highly shade areas. Some popular varieties in this family include maidenhair and silver lace. They are good placeholder for the corners or locations without too much light. They delicate fronds and beautiful appearance can make up the lack of colors in your home.

Another famous group of indoor plants which can tolerate shading locations is the variegated plants which is featured in the stripes existing on their leaves. These stripes slow down the performance their leaves, and thus make it possible for them to live in conditions without adequate sunlight. Some instances of this plant group include Silver Queen and English ivy. They usually have slim stems which are covered with some variegated leaflets. Some of them are fast growing aggressive plants, and you should do some trimming work frequently to avoid them growing excessively.

Image provided By Clemens Kathy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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