Low Hedge Plants

Low Hedge Plants

As an attractive part for the whole gardening plan, some low hedge plants can bring great benefits to your backyard. They can form attractive borders for your garden without blocking the views. The evergreen species bring all-year-long green colors for your garden. The compact size of the plants can be greatly suitable for garden with limit space. Some low hedge species have a long flowering period and they can produce delicious fruits as well. Generally, most of them need very little maintenance during their growth.

The European cranberry bush plant is a popular low height plants suitable for hedging purposes. Most of them can only grow up to 2 feet in height. It is a hardy non-flowering shrub which can withstand extreme coldness in winter. As a deciduous shrub, its 4-inch long leaves will turn to red colour and will drop in autumn. They need very little maintenance so that you do not need to spend too much time on trimming. They prefer well-drained soil conditions and some areas with full sunlight. They cannot resist compact soil types like clay soil, so that you should do some soil test before planting them into your garden.

The Dwarf fothergilla is another popular shrub plants which can reach a low height of 3 feet with a similar spread. They can resist most pests and diseases and this hardy plant can also resist the coldness of the winter days. It produces white fragrant blossoms in spring and its green foliage will turn into red in autumn. Like most shrub plants, it prefers well-drained and slightly acidic soil types and full sunlight conditions.

The Wintercreeper euonymus is a broadleaf evergreen shrub species used for hedging purposes by hundreds of gardens. It can only reach no more than 24 inches in height. It can produce beautiful white flowers in summer as well as the dark-green foliage. Although the foliage will turn into red in autumn, they will stay on the trees as long as it is not too cold. They like well-drained soil but you should avoid over-watering them.

Image provided By Wouter Hagens (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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