Laurel Hedging

Laurel Hedge

As a fast-growing shrub variety, laurel plants are commonly used for hedging purposes by many gardens. Their dense green foliage can help gardeners to protect their privacy from the external side. Due to the high growth rate of this hedging plant, laurel always grows beyond the boundaries to neighbor’s yard. So, you need to do some frequent pruning and trimming to ensure your plants are tidy and in good shape.

Generally, most laurel shrub plants can grow up to 20 feet in height. They have robust root system which will be established during the first year of growth. One of the greatest features of this shrub is that they can produce small berries in autumn. You should keep pruning your shrubs to keep them tidy and clean. Usually, the ideal time for pruning them is in the early spring when they just finished their dormant period. Some dead or ill branches should be removed instantly. These branches are usually damaged during winter and they will keep consuming nutrients if left unattended.

Laurel plants need plenty of water to grow well and you can also apply some nitrogen abundant fertilizers to provide extra nutrients for them. Adequate water and nutrients will make their foliage look greener and more glossy. Due the high growth speed of this plant, frequent trimming is necessary because their growth will be extended in every direction. You should do a little cleaning up to get rid of the pruned leaves by shaking off the branches because the decomposed leaves may cause some fungi infections on other living leaves. Apart from the spring pruning, some heavy pruning work should be done in autumn as well. You should cut down a large percentage of the total size for the next year.

Image provided by Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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