Large Potted Trees

Large Potted Trees

If you have a large space indoors, you may think about planting some large potted trees to fit those areas. They can add extra decoration value to your home and office. If your property has a high ceiling, some tall trees such as rubber plants and weeping fig trees can be considered. You need to take care of them to make them grow healthy and beautifully.

The rubber plant is one of the popular household plants which can tolerate some coarse conditions. It can grow comfortably in common room temperature. It prefers well-drained soil which should be kept moist at all times. You should avoid over-watering the plant and remove the excessive water as soon as possible. Usually it needs to be watered at least once per day. Some potting mix can be used along with the soil. Fertilizer can be applied for ever three or fourth months.

Another group of large container plants are the potted palms. There are a variety of plants in this family. However, there are only a fraction of them are good options for indoor purposes such as the queen palm, the date palm and the bottle palm. As a typical tropical plant, most palm trees need more moisture than the trees in other zones. Some pebble trays can be put under the pot. You should apply adequate water for your plant and remember to remove excessive water later.

The weeping fig tree is a popular tree cultivated indoors by thousands of families. Since they can grow very tall, they are usually used in rooms with high ceiling. They are sensitive to the environmental changes and you should provide suitable amount of the light and water to make them grow happily. They can grow healthy in room temperature and adequate sunlight. You need to keep the soil moist all the time.

Image provided By Uploader. (Self-photographed) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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