Landscaping With Ferns

Landscaping With Ferns

Ferns are good choices for landscaping purposes in any gardens. They can tolerate various conditions and they can be good match for other plants in the garden. Before planting any fern trees in your garden, you should do some research beforehand because there are more than one thousand fern species in the world, and only a few of them is suitable for gardening use.

As a typical tree species for tropical gardens, fern trees are currently used by lots of gardeners around their homes. The attractive fronds of the fern trees can be a great addition of whole landscape of the garden. If you have a shady area where nothing is planted, a fern tree is one of the best options for that.

One usage of fern trees is to use them as groundcover plants. You can freely plant them under other tall plants. Some hardy fern species should be used in shading area especially under the dense evergreen or deciduous trees such as shield fern trees. Its sword shaped leaves will enhance the landscaping value of your whole garden. If you have more than one tree to grow, you can plant them irregularly for better look.

Another way to enhance the fern trees’ landscaping values is to plant them with moss. In the tropical frost, ferns are moss complement with each other to provide better landscape. They can also be planted together in your garden. Ferns beside water like ponds or pools can provide the same natural view as the rainforest. Some fern trees have attractive and special appearance like Japanese tassel fern, and their natural style make them a good choice for soften the visual style in your backyard.

Image provided By Steve Parker (originally posted to Flickr as Tree Fern) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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