Landscaping Under Pine Trees

Landscaping Under Pine Trees

The landscaping under pine tree can be difficult because of the heavy shady areas. Also, there is nearly no room for planting any herbs or shrubs under these trees. Also, the pine trees will turn the soil into acidic soil which is not suitable for some plants. However, there are still some tricks for plant some herbs and flowers underneath.

The first step to plant landscaping plants under evergreen trees is to dig corresponding holes for them. Some tools can be used to do the digging work. You should do some turning work on the soil be circulate the air and let water pass through. You should avoid hurt the roots of the trees. After that, you can add some compost which can facilitate the plants underneath to grow well. You can make a good mixture of the soil with the compost and use some tools in required.

Choosing suitable plants is one of the most important steps during the planting. This plant must be capable of tolerating acidic and shade areas. Vinca is a good evergreen choice for this purpose. You can also find some wild flowers which are already growing under the pine trees, and simply transplanting them into your garden. Some examples of these plants are hosta, lily-of-the-valley, creeping ivy, periwinkle etc. Some groundcover plants are also available such as wintergreen and bunchberry will spread over under the pine trees.

Before planting any plants, dig holes according to the size of the plant. You should leave at least one foot for the transplanted plants and several inches for the seed planting. You can apply some fertilizers to the base of the plants as well. The most important factor for the planting is provide adequate water for them during the first two or three weeks. Since the pine trees will absorb most of the water you apply to your plants, you should water them frequently to ensure them to get enough water to grow happily especially when there is not adequate rainwater.

Image Provided By Callum Black [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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