Landscaping Around Tree Roots

Landscaping Around Tree Roots

The landscaping idea around large tree roots might be one of the hardiest issues for each gardener especially those who have several large landscaping trees in their backyard. Because tree roots need oxygen and water to survive, they usually appear just in places several inches under the ground. For some compact soil types, this distance may be shallower. Sometimes, the tree roots may be seen above the surface of the ground. In this case, you cannot simply cover those exposed roots with soil because it will encourage rot and other damages on roots. You should resolve this issue gradually instead.

If some tree roots are observed on the surface of the ground, the first thing you need to do is to remove the grasses around the trunk. This will ensure that no other plants will compete with the tree roots for nutrients and oxygen. You should avoid using any tools to do the mowing work which may accidental damage the tree roots. You can plant some ground cover plants in these root areas which may help to cover the exposed roots gracefully while ensure the oxygen supply is adequate. These ground cover plants should have less sunlight and water requirements as well.

Then it is time to apply some mulching materials to cover the tree roots. Some large and hard mulching materials like barks should be used to do this job. You should leave the mulching loose to ensure the oxygen and water supplies are not affected. Then you can install some edging border using some bricks using a gracefully style. Some soil can be covered to the root every week until the roots are covered. Soil should be loose to allow the oxygen and water to penetrate.

Image provided by pam fray [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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