Kiwi Fruit For Pregnant Women

Kiwi Fruit For Pregnant Women

If your wife or sister is a pregnant women, you are advised to add kiwi fruits to her daily diet because they are rich in nutrients especially Vitamin C, E, dietary fiber and a bunch of antioxidants which are very helpful to maintain the human health. Keep reading and get more information about this topic.

The kiwi fruit is a popular fruit popular in all around of the world. Although it may look ugly, it contain several times of Vitamin C than oranges and other fruits. The skin of the fruits is usually peeled off due to its ugly texture. You can store this fruit for a long time especially in a cool place. Apart from the Vitamic C, it also contains adequate Vitamin E & A and dietary fiber as well. Kiwi fruits do not contain any cholesterol and nearly no fat. The sugar contained in kiwi is also low and totally natural. One of the most important nutrients contained in kiwi fruits is the folic acid. This is essential for pregnant women and should be consumed every day. It can help develop the vital organs of the baby during the pregnant process. Also, the folate is essential for the building up of new cells of the new baby. The chances of some birth defects such as Spina Bifida can be lowered by adequate folate intake each day.

Apart from the nutrients contained in the kiwi fruits, they can effectively improve the digestion functionalities for pregnant women. Digestion is very important to the mom and baby. A daily supplement of kiwi fruits can improve the appetite of most people and they are likely to get more food and nutrients for mom and their unborn baby. Flavonoids contained in the kiwi fruits can protect the cells from being damaged, and thus lower the possibility of some birth defects in the sense of gene and DNA. After the born if the child, some daily intake of kiwi fruits can help increase the metabolism process of your body to remove the extra weight during the pregnant period.

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