Juniper Bonsai Pruning

Juniper Bonsai Pruning

As a type of conifer which will flush heavily in the early spring, the pruning work on the juniper bonsai can be a tricky job especially for beginners. The key factor to do the trimming is to measure the amount of branches and leaves to be trimmed. Over-trimming will decrease its ability to absorb light, which will result in the slow growth rate and higher possibility of illness. Generally, you should leave at least one third of the total foliage to keep your tree healthy. Since juniper trees will grow rapidly during the late spring and the early summer, the pruning work should be frequently executed during these days.

The commonly used tools for the trimming and pruning work are the hands and trimming scissors. You should pinch the overwhelmed foliage to facilitate the air circulation around leaves. Over-dense foliage also block light absorption of sunlight on lower leaves and make them easily wither and die. Frequent trimming is necessary especially in growing seasons like summer. Some special trimming scissors should be used to deal with some strong branches which are hard to be pinched out by hands. However, some people consider using scissors is not a healthy way to trim a Juniper tree.

For those delicate soft foliage ends, human hands will be the best tool to pinch them out to avoid some obtrusive tips left on the branches. The best way to pinch out a piece of foliage is to pull it out complete from the branch instead of cut it off using the nail. The latter will break the shoot at the end and result in brown leaves in the future. You can just leave a few new shoots and remove rest of them. The buds should be removed completely to conserve resource consumption.

Image Provided By Missvain (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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