Juniper Bonsai Fertilizer

Juniper Bonsai Fertilizer

Fertilizing is a common way to feed the Juniper Bonsai plants to provide them nutrients for their growth. The meaning of nutrients for bonsai trees is not the usually way we think. The fact is that the fertilizer provide for trees will help them perform better on their own photosynthesis which provide energy for the tree. It is bit of difficult for gardeners to find out if the juniper bonsai tree needs more fertilizers because the roots are confined in the container and it is not easy to be observed. You should change the potting mix frequently to ensure the fertilizer provision is sufficient.

There are a variety of bonsai fertilizers which you can choose from local nurseries. All of them will contain three main nutrients, namely, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Some small amount of minor elements might be included by different fertilizers as well such as iron and zinc. Nitrogen is important for the growth of leaves and will keep them green and healthy. Phosphorus will maintain healthy roots, flowers and fruits for the tree. Potassium is vital for the development of health of the plant. You can easily find the ratio of each element on the bag like 15- 10-12 etc. Before the purchase of any fertilizer, you should do a thorough measurement for your soil to determine the best ration suitable for your case.

Apart from the percentage of the nutrients, you can also choose different form of fertilizers to suit for your needs. Some form of fertilizers such as tablets have a slow releasing ability which will slowly release the nutrients to the soil. On the other hand, some fertilizer types like liquid or powers will be dissolved into the soil quickly.

Indoor juniper bonsai plants will grow quickly with plenty of nutrients provided. You should keep your potting mix moist at all times. The soil should be watered thoroughly during the first couple of days. If you buy your bonsai tree from the local nurseries, you do not need to apply any fertilizers for the first two or three months because your plants have already been provided adequate nutrients. You can also try to spray your bonsai trees with some liquid fertilizer. You should avoid over-feeding your bonsai trees at all times. Always follow the instructions of the fertilizer manual.

Image provided By Ragesoss (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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