Indoor Bonsai Tree Care

Indoor Bonsai Tree Care

Indoor gardening is great way to provide attractive landscape for your home all around the year. As an important part for the indoor gardening, bonsai trees need extra care and maintenance to keep it healthy. Do not worry about killing your expensive bonsai trees. You just need to follow some simple advice to make your bonsai grow tidy and healthy.

Water is one of the most important factors which will affect the health of the bonsai trees greatly. Low humidity or water deficiency will severely weaken the health of a bonsai tree. You should get to know some knowledge of the water requirement for your bonsai trees first. The best way to preserve the humidity surrounding a bonsai tree is to put the tree on the rocks in a dish full of water. The high humid environment will keep the bonsai tree happy.

Another important factor to affect a bonsai’s health is the amount of sunlight during the day. You should ensure that your tree will get at least two hours of sunlight each day. Some artificial light bulbs can realize the same functionality of the sun regarding the light needs for bonsai trees. Moreover, fertilizing is another factor which will affect the growth of a bonsai tree. You need to apply no more than twice of fertilizing to your tree. The fertilizer should be a water soluble style and they should be applied to the tree after the watering process.

To make a bonsai tree grow happily, you also need to perform pruning from time to time. Some old and dead leaves should be removed right away. The pruning work is also able to change the shape and growth of a bonsai tree. When the bonsai tree is growing, you need to repot bonsai tree into a bigger container for two years. When repotting, the root ball of the tree should be trimmed as well.

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