Identify Wild Cherry Trees

Identify Wild Cherry Trees

Many people wonder how to identify wild cherry trees because sometimes it is not easy to distinguish it from other fruits trees because of similar appearance. The first tip of make the identification is to observe the tree bark. The real wild cherry trees have brown smooth bark with some lines on it. Some slim gray lines means the tree is young and thick lines indicate the old age. The bark of an adult tree also appears as cracked.

Another factor for the wild cherry tree identification is their simple-shaped leaves. In spring, the leaves appear in green and the colour will turn to yellow in autumn. The size of one leaf is less than 5 inches in length. The real trees should have straight veins instead of curved ones. Some similar trees may have curved lines such as buckthorn trees. You can observe these features of leaves to ensure the certainty of identification.

In summer days, you can identify a wild cherry by observing their fruits. The shape of a wild cherry should be some dark purple berries which will be perfect food for birds. These fruits are produced in bunches. Each cherry should have only pit on the bottom of the fruit.

According to the above tips, you should be confident in the identification of wild cherry trees. You should ask some professional gardeners for help if you are unsure of your identification.

Image Provided By Just marcia (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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