Iced Tea Health Benefits

Iced Tea Health Benefits

The iced tea is a healthy herbal drink which is preferred by thousands of people in the world especially by young people. Generally, this type of tea has been thoroughly brewed before mixing ice into them. There are a variety of tea species which can be prepared with ice to produce flavoured iced tea. Some instances of healthy compound of iced tea drinks are Green tea and Black tea. Actually, any tea without sugar contents has some health benefits for people.

There are not calories contained in unsweetened tea drinks. This is a healthy choice since overtaken sugar will potentially cause a number of diseases or disorders such as diabetes. As a wonderful healthy drink especially in hot summer days, the iced tea drink will bring your freshness while decrease the risk of adding weight. Also, drinking adequate water will maintain the health of your body by flushing the bad things out of your body.

As a type of tea beverage, the iced tea has all the nutrients that most tea drinks have such as antioxidants. A certain amount of antioxidants in human body will help to protect the damage of cells and thus lower the risk of various diseases like cancer. Some flavoured citrus fruits like lime or lemon will help to improve the flavour of the drink and adding some vitamin C in your drink. The antioxidants in your body can maintain the well-being of the immune system and keep you in shape all the time. One of the famous antioxidants, flavonoids, is abundant in tea drinks. It is believed to have the ability to eliminate cancer cells and protect your normal cells.

Image provided By Evan Swigart from Chicago, USA (Iced Tea) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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