How To Trim Cherry Trees

How To Trim Cherry Trees

Cherry trees can be great parts for decorating your garden in spring and produce delicious fruits in autumn. How to do the trimming work for cherry trees is a common question from many gardeners. Proper trimming can make branches tidy and healthy by increasing the aeration among branches. The nutrients can be preserved for healthy branches and foliage. The quality of the flowers and fruits can be enhanced as well.

The best time to do the pruning work is in early spring or late winter when the cherry trees are in their dormant states. The ideal time to prune is when the buds are emerging because the pruning work during this time can heal the wounds quickly. Before pruning anything from the tree, take a close look beforehand. The dead or ill branches should be removed as quickly as possible. For crossing branches, you should cut off the weak one or the one which are not placed in the natural way. Some upright branches should be removed as well.

Good pruning habits will make the cherry tree be healed quickly and healthier then before. They can resist most tree diseases or pests. You should avoid doing any pruning work in summer because the tree is growing rapidly at that time. Since cherry trees will store energy in branches in summer and excessive pruning in summer will reduce the energy of trees growth.

Image provided By Nicu Buculei from Bucharest, Romania [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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