How Kiwi Fruit Grows

How Kiwi Fruit Grows

Kiwi fruit is a popular fruit enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. If you have plans to grow some kiwi trees in your garden, you may wonder how kiwi fruit grows and how to maintain the kiwi trees. Native to China, kiwi fruits are also called actinidias in biology. They have a sweet and tart taste and have hairy and brown skin. You can grow kiwi fruits even in a temperature below zero degrees as long as they enter their dormant state.

If you are planning to plant high quality kiwi fruits in your garden, you should choose a north facing site as the planting area. The soil for growing them should have well-drained characteristics. The soil should be moist be avoid over-watering them to prevent them from being rot. The kiwi vines prefer a slightly acidic soil type with a PH value about 5 to 6. If you cannot find a good place to planting your kiwi vines, using containers can be another good choice. In this case, the plants in the pot can be moved to a place having good conditions for their growth.

Regarding the pollination, the main method for this process is completed by insects especially honeybees. Wind and other methods can also be helpful for the pollination. The male trees which do not have fruits are responsible for fertilizing the female trees. Sometimes, you may see the stamens appearing on the female flowers as well as the sterile pollen. If you are a professional gardener, you can do some manual pollination by hands. However, if you have thousands of vines in an orchard, it is not a good idea to pollinate every vine by yourself.

If you take care of your kiwi vines well, you can harvest more than 200 pounds of kiwi fruits from every vine. For the kiwi vines in cold area, the production will be less than the ones in warm zones. The best time to harvest the kiwi fruits when the skin of the fruits is turning brown. Although the fruits are still hard at that time, it will become soft when stored in a place with room temperature. If you are planning to store them longer, you need to put them in a cool place. A freezing fridge will store the fruit for more than have a year.

Image provided By André Karwath aka Aka (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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