Health Properties Of Tea

Health Properties Of Tea

As a traditional herb for drinking, tea has been included in the diet recipe for human beings for thousands of years due to its health properties. Multiple antioxidants have been found by researchers in this herb which is very helpful for boosting the immune systems of the human body. These antioxidants can help your body to improve health and resist some severe diseases like cancer.

The tea drinks, especially green tea, can help increase the number of regular T cells in the body which is the main building block of the immune system of the human body. Green tea contains a special compound called EGCG, and this compound will bring benefits for body cells because it can effectively protect the cells from being damaged generically. Also, a strong immune system can help your body fight with various infection which are related with bacteria. Generally, four or five cups of tea per day will be adequate to increase the immune system activity in the blood.

Also, drinking tea daily is beneficial for your heart and vessels. This is because the active compounds in green tea can prevent the formation of blood clogs which is the main cause of the various heart diseases. These clogs are usually generated from high level of cholesterol and blood platelets. Adequate tea drinking can lower the level of these harmful objects and thus maintain the normal functionalities of the vessels. It is discovered that the risk of fatal heart attacks can be lowered by just several cups of tea in a single day.

Since tea drinks do not contain any calories, you do not worry about building up weight after drinking them. Tea is one of the best calorie-free drinks in the world. Although tea contains a certain amount of caffeine, they still enable your body to be hydrated for the whole day. You should avoid drinking too much tea at one time since over amount of caffeine will make your body dehydrated.

Image provided By Kaminix (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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