Growing Olive Trees From Seed

Growing Olive Trees From Seed

Originated from Mediterranean countries, olive trees are famous for its olive fruits which can be edible and for crushing oil. If you are planning to plant some olive trees in your garden, there are two options you can choose, which are, growing trees from seeds or from grafting. Grafting is suitable for high quality fruit production and quick growing needs, while seeding is usually used for landscaping purposes.

Before planting tree seeds into the soil, you should choose the good quality seeds from the market and prepare some rich potting mix as well. The soil should have a well-drained property and contain adequate nutrients for the growth of the seeds. Then you can put the seeds into the container and put the container in a place with adequate sunlight. You need to apply adequate water to keep the soil moist. Avoid over-watering your plant at all times. Generally, it takes a couple of weeks for the seeds to germinate from the soil.

When the seedling is growing bigger, you should transplant it into a bigger container. Once the leaves have been observed, you can move the container to the outside if the weather is warm. You still need to keep the soil moist by applying water from time to time. Some balanced fertilizer recipe can be applied to the seedlings as well. During winter days, the container should be moved back into the house. When the tree is growing, you need to transplant them into new pots often until it can be moved into outside. A mature olive tree can resist the coldness of winter days.

Image provided By Leon Brooks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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