Growing Grass Trees

Growing Grass Trees

Originated from Australia, grass trees are very beautiful landscaping plants cultivated in thousands of homes and communities. They are slow-growing trees which can live for a very long time up to several hundreds of years. The process of cultivation might be tricky sometimes, but you can still be successful if you follow some simple rules.

Since the slowing-growing property of this tree, it may take several decades for a young grass tree to grow leaves on top of the trunk. They can produce attractive blossoms with a variety of colours including brown and white colours. If you want to transplant a grass tree from its natural habitat, you need to pay attention to the original heavy soil which contains some bacteria to protect it from some diseases. So, the newly purchased tree from the nurseries can be extremely heavy due to the existence of the soil.

When planting the root ball into the soil, you need to keep the soil altogether with the roots into the prepared planting hole. This is important as the soil along with the plant contain bacteria which can provide benefits to growth of the plant. They prefer well-drained soil conditions and an agricultural pipe can be used to drain excessive water away. Unlike most plants, grass plants like to grow in alkaline soil conditions. Thy also like locations with adequate full sunlight during the day. Fertilizers should be applied to them twice a year, and you can choose some fertilizer specially made for grass plants in local nurseries.

Image provided By Poyt448 Peter Woodard (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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