Grow Pineapple Tree

Grow Pineapple Tree

Pineapples are delicious tropical fruits which are many people’s favorite fruits especially some young kids. If you are planning to grow some pineapple trees in your backyard, you should ensure that your local climate is suitable for planting them. Pineapple plants are typical tropical plants and they prefer damp and hot tropical environment to grow happily. Although you can still plant them if your home is located in non-tropical areas, it may take you some extra efforts to take care of them. They are actually short-live plants and the harvesting should be quick as well. If you do not like to grow pineapple trees in your garden due to climate concerns, you can still plant them in containers inside your house.

One of the popular ways to propagate pineapple trees is using the plant tops from healthy fruits. You should use a sharp knife to cut the top half of the fruits including the leaves on the top, and then put it in a dry area for one or two days. Then it can be planted into a container full with nutritious and moist potting mix for a couple of weeks. The container should be placed in partial sunlight and be watered regularly to help it to establish its roots. Then y

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