Grow Coffee Indoors

Grow Coffee Indoors

As a coffee lover, growing coffee indoors can bring you more experience about the whole growth of a coffee plant and how it can produce wonderful coffee for you and your family. Actually coffee is very easy to maintain and the cultivate process can provide more fun for you.

Since it may not possible to pick up a fresh coffee cherry from a coffee tree, it is more applicable to buy some green coffee beans from the local store. It should be picked up recently and looks nice and healthy from its appearance. Usually it will take several months for the seeds to germinate. The fresher the seeds are, the shorter germination period they require. If available, it is recommended to pre-geminate the seed beforehand by soaking it into water for one or two days. Then you can wrap the seeds with soft tissues to make the water be absorbed entirely.

After germination, it is time to move it into a container. Remember to check if there is a hole on the bottom of the pot to facilitate the draining of excessive water. Some organic matters can be added into the pot to provide more nutrients for the plant. A layer of grass clipping mulch can be applied around the plants to preserve moisture during the germination. Remember to remove the mulch once the seedlings has sprout from the soil. Generally, coffee plants prefer to grow in acidic environment where there is plenty of nitrogen in the soil. They also like soil having well-drainage ability. Some fertilizers can be applied occasionally to replenish the nutrients for the coffee plant.

The new coffee seedlings should be put in a warm environment with adequate light during the day. Some artificial lights can be used to provide enough light for them. You should water them no more than twice in one week, and the second time of watering should just use half of the amount of the water as the first time. You should keep the soil moist but not soaked. It normally takes two or three years for the new cherries to come out. If your home is located in a high place and your plants are taken care of all the time, it is expected that your plants can bring your some high-quality coffee beans.

Image provided By Daniel Schearf [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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