Grape Vine Propagation

Grape Vine Propagation

Grape vine propagation is generally an easy job if you get the stem from another healthy vine. The health of the new vine is usually determined by the hosting vine. The propagation from an existing vine is most easy and inexpensive way to do the duplicates. You do not need expensive tools or abundant knowledge to accomplish the propagation.

The first step to fulfill the propagation is to choose the correct size of the vine. Generally, the thickness of the vine should be less than a pen. You should do the cutting when the hosting vine is in its dormant period, usually in late autumn or spring. The cutting should be around 5 inches in length and some cutting tools can be used to make a clear cut. Then you should dip the new cutting into water until they are ready for planting.

You should use some good quality potting soil for planting the new cutting. Some sand can be mixed with the soil together to increase the drainage quality. Remember to keep the soil moist to facilitate the growth of the cutting. After planting the cutting into the soil, you should use some plastic cover to protect the cutting. You should use some sticks to hold the cover to avoid the cover touching the new cutting.

You should ensure that there is adequate sunlight for the growth of the cutting. Avoid using direct sunlight for the plant. When the cutting grows to more than 5 inches, you can move it into your backyard for further growth.

Image Provided By Mark Shirley (originally posted to Flickr as Grape Vine Cuttings) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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