Graft Grape Vines

Graft Grape Vines

Grafting grape vines is an efficient way to increase the production of the fruits in autumn. For beginners, the process can be a little bit of hard at the first time. You should strictly follow some instructions to avoid any losses in your vineyard.

Before do the grafting work, you should do some thorough planning in order to ensure the grafting quality. The best season to do the grafting is in spring when most plants are starting to grow. Firstly, you should cut the trunk into a height about 5 inches shorter than your expected height. The best shape of grafting cut is a horizontal cut with sawtooth on it. Then you should quickly cut the bud stick for the up side of the grafting to make they are not dried out.

The next step is to tear open the bark of the trunk and avoid totally tearing it off. Here you can see the pocket where you cuts are met. You should put buds shields here and you may do some trimming work to let them fit together. The last step of the grafting is to wrap the cut using some special grafting tapes which you can get from any nurseries. This can ensure the tight contact of the cuttings and increase the rate of success.

Image Provided By Riccardo Pastore (Flickr: Fotovendemmia @ Tenuta il Bosco) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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