Good Plants For Containers

Good Plants For Containers

Plants in containers are suitable for gardens which need to be changed from time to time. Pot plants have good portability which enables you to move to any locations no matter in balcony or in the front patio. You can adjust your surround plants and add new plants easily and safely. In cold winter days, you can move those tropical plants into your house and protect them from the extreme weather. Some plants are good for this kind of gardening method while others are not.

Some vegetables are good options for cultivation in shallow containers such as tomatoes, Lettuce and spinach. They normally have shallow roots which do not need big pots to grow well. On the other hand, some varieties like eggplants and cucumbers require a deeper container for accommodating their deep roots. Some organic matter can be applied occasionally to provide extra nutrients to the plants. For some species with is too high to be supported by their tiny stems like peas and beans, you can use some external supporting devices to train them into your desired location.

Fruit trees are also popular container choices, and citrus family is one of the famous groups of varieties for containers. Some gardeners plant limes and lemons in pots which will flourish in hot summer days. Other species like apples or cherries are also good candidates to be planted in portable pots. Most of these trees need full sunlight for better growth and better chance of pollination so that you should move your containers into a location with adequate sunlight during the day. When the weather is getting cold, you should move some pots into the house to avoid damages.

Another famous group of plants which are perfect for container cultivation is the flowers. Actually, nearly all kinds of flowers can be planted in containers as long as the growth requirement is satisfied. Some common annual flowers like marigolds and zinnias need adequate sunlight during the day. In blooming period, addition fertilizers and water should be applied to ensure the quality of the blossoms. Some good examples of Perennials include daylilies and poppies. The new growth will make the pot more crowded, and you should separate them as early as possible to ensure the blooming quality.

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