Get Tree Sap Off Car

Get Tree Sap Off Car

When you park your car under a tree, sometimes you may see sticky tree sap adhered on your car. How to get the tree sap off the car? The removal of these disgusting saps might be an annoying job if it is the first time to do this. There are some simple ways utilizing some common household objects such as alcohol which can help you to refurbish your car without too much cost.

One of the common things you can find from your home is the nail polish remover which can help you remove the hard stains adhered on your car. Dip some polish remover on a piece of cotton and carefully rub it until the sap patch is removed. You should use some soap and water to clean the newly cleaned area to wash the chemicals off. When all the sap is removed, apply some wax for further protection. Some soluble brush cleaner can also act as an effective sap remover. Sometimes, your hands might be on your hands, you can simply use some mayonnaise from your kitchen and rub the sap off. Some other alcohol solvent like light liquid and rubbing alcohol can also be helpful during the sap removal process.

The main point to use alcohol to remove sap paints is that the solvent can break up the sap and dissolve it. The sap will be gradually softened during this process. For hardened sap, you may need more patience to do the job since the car paint can be scratched easily. Some special liquids like mineral spirits might be suitable for this situation. If your car are originally have wax on it, the rubbing process using the alcohol solvent will get those wax removed as well. You need to re-wax your car when the work is done.

Image provided By Artotem (originally posted to Flickr as Sap on Plum Tree) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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