Fungus On Plum Trees

Fungus On Plum Trees

There are several types of fungus which can infect plum trees severely such as black knot and brown rot fungus. They can infect a variety of plum species including the wild and home-cultivated ones. If the garden does not do some frequent spraying work for their trees, their garden can even be fully occupied by fungus in a short time. Usually most fungi infection happens in spring or in autumn when there are a lot of windy and rainy weathers. Fungi spread will be facilitated by the help of wind.

The black knot fungus is one of the fungus species you must pay attention to. They can severely weaken the health of a plum tree and even cause it to die. They can also be easily spread to the neighbouring health trees quickly as well. Trees with lots of cuts and scars are most easily being affected. However, even a tree without such syndromes can also be infected. Apart from plum trees, this type of fungus can infect other type of fruit trees such as cherry trees.

Black knot usually attacks the twigs and branches of a plum tree, and sometimes even the main trunk. At the first stage, the colour of the fungi is dark brown and it will turn to black later. It grows quickly in early spring when the weather is turning warmer. It takes less than one year for a young tree to die if left unattended.

To avoid the infection by fungi, you should obey some fundamental rules of tree gardening management. Frequent trimming is necessary to keep its health by improving the air circulation. You should remove the infected branches instantly once discovered. There are some types of plum trees in market which have certain abilities of fungi resistance. You should think of choosing some of these for your backyard. When infected, you should apply some fungicide which is especially for the fungi from the market to kill them quickly.

Image Provided By Malcolm Manners from Lakeland FL, USA (Plum tree Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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