Fruits With No Seeds

Fruits With No Seeds

Fruits with no seeds are preferred by many people because they do not bother to spit out the seeds when eating. Also, these seedless fruits make the environment tidy and clean, and they can be stored longer in storage room than the common fruits with seeds. There are a number of edible seedless fruits in the world and this document will present some examples.

The orange fruit is one of the most common fruits in the world for food and juice industry. Among all orange species, the navel and Valencia oranges are two most popular species. Apart from these, some other species such as red navel and Hamlin oranges are also preferred by many people as fruits and source of juice. Orange trees can be planted in most zones including the warm zones and cold zones.

The guava fruit is another type of fruits with no seeds inside. It is mainly grown in tropical countries such as India. The nutrition of this fruit is very abundant and it is great daily for people of all ages. Every year the guava trees can bear a large amount of fruits while you do not need too much maintenance for them. The guava trees prefer ware climates and they are usually cultivated in tropical areas. Although some guava species do have seeds, some popular varieties like Saharanpur and Nagpur Seedless have no seeds inside.

Native to Asian countries, persimmon fruits are generally used as an ornamental tree species in the United States. Like guava fruits, persimmon fruits also have two versions, namely, the seeded version and the seedless version. They will bear jelly-like fruits which is edible and have yellow colors.

Image provided by Forest & Kim Starr [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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