Fruitless Plum Tree

Fruitless Plum Tree

Although most plum trees can bear delicious fruits for people and animals, there are some fruitless trees which are cultivated just for their beautiful flowers instead of products. They can greatly increase the ornamental value for a garden with their attractive blossoms and foliage. However, their fruits are small and not edible at all. Some of them even do not produce any fruits for a long time.

Most of these fruitless landscaping trees have pink flowers, and their leaves are not green as well. This makes it different from other tree species planted in the same garden. Most of the can grow up to 8 meters in height and they have a round crown and dense foliage. Summer is the most attractive season of these trees due to their astonishing purple foliage and white flowers.

There are a number of landscaping plum trees in the world, and Newport and Thundercloud are two of the most famous ones. They are all cultivated in mild temperature zones. Apart from them, you can also find some other plum tree species like Cistena, Krauter Vesuvius from the nurseries. They are all cultivated for their blossoms instead of fruits. They all have their own special flowers in shapes or colours.

Nearly all of these trees need well-drained moist soil types and full sunlight to grow happily. You should do some regular maintenance for them such as pruning, watering and fertilizing. Fertilizers should be applied in spring for their rapid growth in summer. Some mulch or compost can be used for keeping the moisture. You should also apply some pesticide or fungicide occasionally to avoid some severe diseases.

Image Provided By Jim Frost from Sioux City, USA (JimF_04-27-10-0047a wild plum blossoms) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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