Fruit With Seeds On Outside

Fruit With Seeds On Outside

Most fruit seeds are hidden in the flesh after the process of pollination. However, if your friend ask you a question: which fruit have its seeds on outside? Which answer do you have? The answer will be the strawberry and cashew. However, there is something you don’t know about these two fruits.

The seeds appearing on the outside are not the real seeds in the sense of biology. They are actually the fruits and the red flesh of the strawberry is the flower called receptacle. The flesh of strawberry is used to attract the wild animals to spread the tiny fruits to somewhere else. So, the fruit of strawberry is not considered as a real berry fruit because there are not seeds included in the flesh. The flavor of strawberry is determined by the variety and the growing environment. Also, the time of harvest is an important factor determining the final flavor of the fruit.

Apart from strawberries, the cashew is another fruit species which grow seeds on the outside. From the picture of a cashew, you can see that the body of the fruit is on top of the cashew seed. Similar to strawberry, it is another example of the flower attaching with the real fruit. As you know, cashew is a type of popular nut from all around the world. However, cashew nuts are only a part of the whole cashew fruits, and another part is called the cashew apple. The cashew apples are tasted acidic and have abundant vitamin C contained in the flesh. The kidney-like nuts are attached on the bottom of the cashew apple.

Image provided By Abhishek Jacob (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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