Fruit Tree Spacing

Fruit Tree Spacing

If you have a beautiful garden and you are planning to plant a number of fruits trees there. One common question for those trees is how much space you need to leave for two adjacent trees. You should consider this question based a variety of factor including the growing conditions of trees like sunlight and water, the full size of the grown tree etc.

The space between two neighboring trees should depend on the height and spread of the grown trees. For full-sized trees, dwarf shrub trees or semi-dwarf trees, the space should be different. You should leave about 10 feet for each individual dwarf tree. Based on the pruning method and tools, the space can also be adjusted. The semi-dwarf trees need more space up to 20 feet each. The space for two adjacent tall full-sized trees should be over 30 feet apart.

Apart from the size of the trees, there are some other factors to determine the space between trees. For some large tree orchards, the usage of some mowers and machines should be considered. The irrigation system is another factor to think about for the space. You should consult with some tree professionals for some advices before plant trees in your garden.

Image provided By Nikhilb239 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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