Foundation Shrubs

Foundation Shrubs

If you are planning to plant some shrub plants beside your house foundations, you need to think about a few factors which will be important for the landscape like the final size, growth rate etc. Also, different root system will have different influence on the foundations in the future. Generally, different shrubs have different type of roots. Among all type of roots, the fibrous roots which are a composite of a bunch of small roots can be considered as the best shrub roots beside buildings. This is because most shrubs having fibrous roots are not fast-growing plants and they are not invasive at all. This feature can help protect the foundations of the building being eroded gradually.

If you are about to plant some broadleaf evergreen shrubs around your house, you need to choose some fibrous root ones. Generally most broadleaf shrubs are smaller than the conifer shrubs and you have a lot of options from the local nurseries. Boxwood is one of the most popular shrubs in the world for bordering purposes in thousands of gardens. Azaleas shrubs are also a good choice for decorating your spring garden. Some species like Sasanqua camellia have large leaflets and they should be your choice if you prefer some attractive flowers in winter.

For some deciduous shrub options, you still need to choose those which have fibrous roots. Glossy abellia have small-sized foliage and its blooming period will last a long time from spring to autumn. If you prefer some attractive colours for your summer garden, hydrangeas can satisfy your needs. It has large flowers having a range of bright colours from white to blue. When planting these shrubs you purchased from the local nurseries, you should get to know that most of these shrubs need well-drained soil conditions to grow happily. Over-watering will cause their roots to rot quickly. You should pay attention to the planting areas and avoid the occurrence of the soggy soil.

Image provided By Jorge Royan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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