Flowers Growing In Water

Flowers Growing In Water

If you have a beautiful pond in your garden, you might think about cultivating some plants or flowers inside to decorate it. Actually, you have a number of choices depending on the size and variety of your requirement. Some hybridized water-based flowers have attractive colors and sizes which can fulfill your needs of all kinds. Most of them have a diameter less than two feet in width which is enough for most ponds.

Iris versicolor is a small-sized water flower variety and its mature size will be no more than 5 inches in width. It can produce beautiful purple-blue iris-type flowers and green grass-like leaves. Its blossom season is in spring and they are usually be planted in the edges of water areas. Some of its varieties like pale yellow iris are considered as invasive and you avoid planting them if you have other plants in the ponds as well.

Water lilies is a large-sized water plants which can be seen in thousands of ponds. The hybridized version of water lilies have a variety of colors and sizes which can suit for your special needs. The tropical species can not resist extreme coldness and they should be taken into the room when the weather is getting cold. Some variety like Egyptian blue water lilies will bloom every day with fragrant blue flowers. It can be a good choice for your garden if you have such needs of blooming. Generally, water lilies can be grown in water with a depth up to 4 feet. For those ponds which is deeper than 4 feet, Lotus will be a good choice in spring or summer.

Image provided By Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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