Fertilizer For Root Growth

Fertilizer For Root Growth

The root growth is one of the most important factors for a lawn. A deep and robust root system can help the lawn lower the usage of fertilizers because they are easy to get more nutrients from the deep location in the soil. Well established roots will lower the leaching speed of the nutrients. To improve the root growth rate, choosing a suitable type of fertilizer is very important and you should do some research before applying any fertilizer into the soil.

Some lawn fertility program can help you to decide the correct type of fertilizer and other factors like the irrigation. A suitable plan can help you establish healthy lawn roots easily. Healthy roots can effectively help your lawn to defend leaching. A healthy root system will expand both horizontally and vertically. The roots will be dense and stretch into a deeper side in the soil to get nutrients.

If you want your lawn to establish healthy roots, fertilization is one of the important factors to do that. You should choose some slowing release fertilizer to help your lawn to grow their roots easily. This is because that fast release fertilizers release all nutrients at one time, resulting in low efficiency of the fertilizing process. The extra nutrients will be leached away quickly during the fasting releasing process although these fertilizers are cheaper. So, you need to pay attention to the type of fertilizers when choosing them in nurseries.

Image provided By Titus Tscharntke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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