Fast Growing Privacy Trees

Fast Growing Privacy Trees

If you have a big backyard, you may want to plant some privacy trees which can grow fast and provide some privacy protecting functionalities for your family. Many popular dense hedging trees grow slowly and need a couple of years to be available to form hedges. On the other hands, there are a number of quick growing trees and shrubs which can provide a rapid screen to shield your home from the outside. You can mix these fast growing trees with the slow growing trees together as a good solution for the all-year-round protection for your privacy.

There are several group of hedging shrubs or trees you can choose based on your specific needs. If you need some colour on the hedging plants, some flowering shrubs will be suitable. Most flowering hedging plants are deciduous perennial flower plants. Forsythia is a common fast growing hedge plants which can be found in thousands of gardens. They can produce attractive yellow blossoms in spring and they can provide you a 6-feet high hedge. The ever-growing suckers will keep the hedge dense at all times by continuously renewing themselves. Another popular hedging species is the viburnum plants which can produce beautiful flowers as well as the delicious berry fruits. Some common viburnum plants include Sweet viburnum and double file viburnum. Different species and have different vertical and horizontal spreading habit and you should choose the ones on the basis of your requirements.

If you want to have hedging plants all year around, you should choose some evergreen hedging plants which will not shed their leaves in winter. Although most evergreen hedging shrubs are slow growing ones, there are some fast-growing species which can satisfy your needs. Some examples of such shrubs include Sawara false cypress and Eastern red cedar. The latter one can tolerate most coarse soil types. When planting these shrubs in your garden, you should mind the space between individual one and do not put two adjacent shrubs too close. You need to do some pruning work during the first several years to make them grow denser and greener.

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