Espalier Fruit Trees

Espalier Fruit Trees

Espalier fruit trees are small fruit trees which can suit for the needs of most small gardens. They have planted a long time ago by gardeners and they are re-gain their popularity these days in thousands of small yards and gardens. The main reason is because they are one of the best options for saving spaces in some narrow area or gardens. Among these trees, the citrus family is one of the most popular species like lemon trees because of their evergreen characteristics and easiness to grow.

Normally, you can found espalieres in most nurseries. They are usually tied on a back surface such as trellis rack to generate a flat form of foliage. The trees are growing in the normal soil and their foliage is trained along with the trellis. You need frequent pruning work to remove those branches growing out of the surface. You can also try to tie these obtrusive branches back to the rack. All these work will produce a flat plant instead of a three dimension one.

Apart from a flat trellis, you can also grow your trees on wires which are suitable for trees with long branches and vines. The wires for training can be long enough to support a long time of tree growth. Generally, you need to choose some strong wires to lower the chance of failure. You should leave adequate space between two adjacent wires for the growth of foliage. The trees you choose for wiring espalieres should have an even structure and growth speed on both sides.

The pruning work is very important for better growth of these trees. When pruning, you should choose the correct side and keep the central branch untouched. Then use some shearing tools to remove any branches you do not want. Some plant ties can be used to train the plants to your desirable direction.

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