Dymondia Ground Cover

Dymondia Ground Cover

Dymondia is a common ground cover plant which has beautiful silver foliage. It can form a compact carpet and the plant can grow no more than one inch in height. It is a great choice to suppress the growth of weeds due to its compact growth. Since they do not like much foot traffic on them, it is advisable to plant them on some quite places such as hill slopes.

Dymondia plants can tolerate drought environment very well because of its well established root system. Its roots have several tubers which can effectively store water and nutrients on it for future use. The root can grasp the soil firmly to keep the plants steady. The growing speed of its roots is faster than the plants itself. So, you may feel that they are growing very slowly. Finally, they will form a tough mat for your garden to discourage weeds. They prefer a place with full sunlight. Once their roots are well established, they need very little maintenance and litter water to survive.

When planting Dymondia to cover the ground in the garden, you need to spend some time to make them propagate quickly and properly. The best way to expand the covering area is by division. When dividing the plant in the container, you should make sure that the roots are divided as well so that division is a complete set. Then you should put them in a big planting container to ensure they have room to make their roots grow. During the first couple of weeks, you should provided adequate water for your plant to establish their roots.

Image provided By Daderot (I took this photograph.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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