Drought Resistant Ground Cover

Drought Resistant Ground Cover

If your home is located in a drought environment, some drought resistant ground cover plants might be a good option for you to spread over your backyard. Most of these plants need very low maintenance and they can provide all-year-long landscape for your garden as well. These hardy plants can firmly snatch on the ground which makes the perfect covering material if you use them to fill some gaps or a slope with adequate sunlight.

There are many types of plants which you can plant in drought areas. Some grass species are good options for this job. Although many grass species do not like to grow in hot and dry environment, some low-growing ornamental grass like blue fescue can perfectly fill this role. They can grow well in arid environment and spread rapidly as well. They provide extra green color for your garden especially in cold winter days. Some other grass species like buffalo grass can tolerate very high temperature and very little water, making it a great option for drought gardens.

If you want something hard covered on the ground, you can choose some woody ground cover plants. They can form a thick layer of woody bark to protect the stems. Actually, most shrubs can be categorized into this group. Most of the can effectively resist arid soil and spread quickly to fill any bare area in the backyard. Some species also have beautiful blossoms to provide extra decorative values for you even in cold winter days.

Vines can be considered as one of the commonly used ground cover plants for a numerous gardens. They can not only used as the wall climbing plants, but they are good candidates for covering the ground. They can resist unpleasant soil types and can spread in a rapid speed once full sunlight is provided. Some examples of this group include creeper plants and ivy plants.

Image provided By MiraculixHB (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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