Driveway Trees

Driveway Trees

The best trees for planting beside driveway should be able to form a straight line to guide the drivers to their destinations. The landscaping value of the tree should be the first priority to consider. They should be able to provide the best views for drivers. Due to the large amount of trees planted on the road side, they should need low maintenance to save the extra efforts to take care of them. Also, the tree should not extend their roots quickly to disturb pavements or concrete surface of the roads. Moreover, the trees should be tidy and clean without creating too much messy stuff.

One of the obvious features of the roadside trees is that they should not have too much branches which hanging in the lower side of the trunk. Too many such low level branches will block the cars and cause extra maintenance requirements. Also, the tree should be high enough to create space for the lower side, ideally more than 50 feet in height. If they can have some fragrant blossoms in spring or summer with green foliage, it would be a good choice. Some good examples of such trees are cyprus cedar and bigleaf magnolia.

When considering the candidate trees driveways, there is some weather factors needed to be thought about. The tree should be able to resist some level of strong wind or storms. So, the trees with some slim leaves should be a better choice compared with those board leaves. The latter cannot make the wind pass through easily and susceptible to strong storms. Compared with fast-growing trees, the slow-growing trees tend to have stubborn trunk and not easy to bread under strong winds.

The good choices for landscaping driveways should not be messy trees. You should not choose those trees which will create big messes on road by dropping their ripen fruits or branches in autumn. Some high trees without fruits will be good options for this. Some good choices for this matter include the Bradford pear and the Leyland cypress. They can both grow more than 50 feet high and be very tidy when fully grown.

Image provided By Lincolnman65 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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