Different Types of Weeds

Different Types of Weeds

If you have a beautify lawn in your garden, you should pay some attention to the potential hazard of being infected by weeds. Generally, there are two main types of weeds, namely, annual weeds and perennial weeds. They can always be a troublesome issue for thousands of gardeners because of their rapid spreading speed and extensive competition for resources with your desired plants. You should take actions as early as possible to discourage the growth of weeds.

Annual weeds can only live within a year, leaving a large amount of seed for germination in the coming year. They are fast-growing plants are be capable of produce unlimited number of seeds which is the best threat for an established lawn. Some of these weed will start up their growth in spring such as chickweed, speedwell and henbit. Other weed species like crabgrass will begin to grow in hot summer days. If you have such weed seeds in your lawn, you should stop fertilizing and do a thorough mowing to clean any traces of the stems of these plants. You should get them under control before flowering.

Compared with annual weeds which can only live for one year, perennial weeds can survive or a few years. They can also produce many seeds to reproduce them quickly. They usually have deep tap roots which can help them survive the cold winter. Removal of these perennial weeds will be harder than the annual ones because of their deep roots. The fowler and leaves will usually die in winter but the roots will be alive for the next year. Some famous examples of perennials include clover, violets, and dandelions. For the success of weed control for these perennials plants, the point is to get rid of their roots and crawling underground stems entirely.

Image provided By Grvdm (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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