Desert Trees And Shrubs

Desert Trees And Shrubs

There are a number of trees and shrubs which can tolerate sparse desert environment. Due to the special case of desert region, the desert trees only have a limited number of leaves which can preserve water loss. Most of them also have massive root system which can help them to absorb water from the deep side of the soil. They can be a good candidate to improve the ecosystem of the desert by preventing further erosion.

The Joshua tree is a common tree which can grow well in desert region. They can grow more than 10 meters in height and their special leaves can help them to resist the dry desert climate well. They have a short blooming period in winter. Joshua trees can be used for landscaping purposes for gardens, and some part of this tree can also be used as food or dyes.

Catclaw Acacias is another desert tree which can bloom beautiful yellow flowers in spring. They can grow up to 10 meters and their seeds can be used as food. Also, people use their wood to build furniture or stakes. Like a shrub, Mesquite is commonly seen in deserts. They are a good material for building wooden furniture because of their hard quality. Similar to Catclas Acacias, their bean of Mesquite is also a good food for people and animals.

Apart from trees, some hard shrubs can also tolerate drought environment in desert. Sagebush is a common desert shrub which likes to grow in rocky and dry environment. The four-wing saltbush is another shrub which can resist the hard climate. They produce yellow flowers in spring and grow no more than 3 meters in height. Most of them need little maintenance and water while growing, making them a perfect candidate for desert region.

Image provided By Matt Lavin from Bozeman, Montana, USA [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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