Deciduous Ornamental Trees

Deciduous Ornamental Trees

There are a few deciduous ornamental trees which you can use to decorate your garden. These trees should be put on the correct location to fulfill their ornamental features. Small trees or shrubs should be put beside sidewalks and driveways, and people are able to read the beautiful flowers very directly. Large trees with big tree crown should be put beside the house to provide adequate shade for the house in summer.

One choice for the deciduous option is some flowering shrubs which can be a good source for wild animals. Most of these shrubs are deciduous and they will lose their foliage in winter. The shrubs should be trimmed ever year to facilitate the produce of healthy buds. The shrubs have beautiful flowering containing nectar which can attract butterflies and bees. These plants usually can tolerate unpleasant environment such as clay soils etc. Please remember that some deciduous trees have serious pest issues and you should prepare some pesticides beforehand.

When choosing deciduous trees around your house, you should be cautious with some issues such as invasive roots and branches. Their fallen fruits may decay and pollute the water tank and create unpleasant views. You should take care of these issues before choosing any deciduous trees.

Image Provided By Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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